Dear Clients,

Please allow us to introduce our company to you. We would like to offer our services in various areas of application; for the comprehensive design, execution and local overseeing of uniquely designed canvas structures.

The activity of our company is based on the work of Gabor Majoros. He has been working in the field of tent structures since 1972, for which work he has received the Miklos Ybl Prize in 1984. He started to design and build tent structures twenty years ago. He has worked together with significant designers and engineers in Europe, in the United States, in Dubai, Egypt and Russia. He took part in designing and building close to 300 tent structures so far. Presently he is teaching at the Technical Department of the Mihaly Pollack University where many young colleagues of his take part in the development of tent structures.

The defining approach of our company is that the appearance of our structures, their technical parameters, and the quality of materials used are all in balance. We consider cost-effective solutions important therefore we use the proper technical solutions for the relatively cheap canvas. We consider this balance in case of our low-cost, dismountable tents as well as in case of our exclusive, special tents.

Due to our comprehensive work we have developed close and serious relationships with numerous fellow designers and technical professionals. We are prepared to undertake any type of engineering apart from tent designing with special regards to landscaping and garden design.

Please get acquainted with our sphere of activity, our already completed projects, our plans and dreams through our web site. In case you are interested in our work or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at the contact information provided.


The Team of Politent Limited