Design and Development

The complete process of design is carried out by computers. The software managing the static calculations of the tents and the canvas pattern preparations was developed through several decades at the Technical University of Budapest with the cooperation of Gabor Majoros. We know and use all the significant computer programs known in Europe in this field. The free shapes represented by the uniqueness of the structures are demonstrated in three dimensional designs. With the help of our modeling techniques developed over the years we visualize and test our ideas. We are able to realize a wide variety of shapes with the help of these programs and with the help of our experts. We also take part in the creation of standards and building codes of textile/canvas architecture. Our activity expands to the preparation of studies, approvals, tenders, implementation and workshop drawings according to Hungarian and foreign codes in Hungarian or in English, involving our well-working team of engineers, including the static, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and technological plans.

The strength of our company is in applying tent/canvas structures in an extensive area – for example, but not limited to: military, agriculture, sport, activities, catering, theatres, monument protection, advertising, engineering articles, solar energy utilization, toys, etc. Geographically, our existing structures can be found from the northern part of Russia to the Arabian Desert. We make tents from structures put up and dismantled within minutes to constructions that can be heated and cooled, equipped with energy saving solutions, and have the lifetime of traditional buildings. We design and execute movable structures as well.

When designing a tent structure, we keep in mind its integration into its surroundings and nature. Beyond the tent building activity our company also undertakes any type of landscaping and garden designing tasks with the help of a young, dynamic team of colleagues.


In case of tent building it is obvious that the designers must take part in the execution process in an increasing manner. Throughout the years our designers trained a team of people who conduct the local assembling. They have already proven their efficiency numerous times within the country and abroad, and not only in case of self-designed structures. The necessary and specific knowledge needed for assembling as well as the proper tools guarantee our aptitude in extreme situations as well; we are able to build in a cost-effective way very speedily. We undertake the maintenance, refurbishing or possible remodeling of our structures.

We have reliable, highly referenced suppliers in Hungary and abroad in the areas of the foundation methods, steel-and wood structures and canvas manufacturing and fitting.